Ways To Maximize A Small Bathroom

Ways To Maximize A Small BathroomWays To Maximize A Small Bathroom

A bathroom is more than just a place to take care of personal hygiene. While it is a place to take care of very personal needs, the way it looks is also a reflection on your sense of style. Your small bathroom can easily be renovated to increase functionality, storage space, and the overall aesthetic appeal. If your small bathroom is a dark and gloomy place, a new look can brighten up the whole process of personal hygiene.


A mirror is an essential aspect of every bathroom. The addition of a large wall mirror not only takes up no floor space but will give a feeling of larger space. The light reflected back can make the entire room brighter. Mirror-fronted bathroom cabinets also help with this effect.

Color Coordination

Color places a very large role in setting the overall mood and style of a small bathroom. Since you are trying to make a small space appear larger, light colors will do best. Lean toward neutral, soft tones and match towels and accessories with complimentary colors.


With very little space to work with, design must include functionality. Rather than enclose the area under a sink, try to fit a stool with small shelves or drawers under it. If you must put wall shelves up to store towels and wash clothes, put them above the toilet so as to not protrude into the head room for standing elsewhere. Id you can put in a free standing shelf in an otherwise empty corner, it would help with the airy motif by making it a wire frame shelf instead of a solid like wood or metal.


You will need to find the right lighting for your small bathroom space. It must be bright enough that you have no problem seeing to do the things a bathroom is for, be it shaving or brushing your teeth. The lights should leave no part of this small space in shadow so that the room is bright and open.


If your small bathroom is against an outer wall, you may want to research the possibility of adding a window from Brookline roofers. This feature, while being a major home improvement project, can eliminate that “closed in” feeling that a small bathroom might otherwise have despite the light colors and bright lighting. Be sure to use well-frosted glass for privacy while letting in an abundance of natural light during the day.