Protecting Yourself From Mold in Your Home

Protecting Yourself From Mold in Your HomeProtecting Yourself From Mold in Your Home

While it is a common feeling that your home is your safe refuge from the world, it to can harbor potentially life-threatening danger to you in the form of mold. Small, ubiquitous, and often hidden, the health issues it causes can run the gauntlet from respiratory illnesses to even contributing to death. Seeking a routine, professional mold inspection is essential to protect yourself from this threat.

Moisture is a very invasive problem in home structures. rain, humidity, and extremes of temperature can all aid in its growth in the hidden places around the house. The most common areas for mold invasion are basements, bathrooms, under sink areas in both bathrooms but kitchens as well. Crawlspaces under the home also are easily exposed to mold conditions. It is because a professional mold inspector is familiar with the types of mold attracted to homes, they will also be more likely to spot it in the early stages of colonization.

Molds and fungi can use drywall, wood, insulation, or even just the dust that collects in tiny spaces for a foothold of growth and food for their colonization. While the common misconception is that the mold or fungus you see can be treated with bleach, disinfectants or paint, nothing could be further from the truth. Each mold responds differently to these methods and some ignore them all. Many molds will just grow right up through paint and not all of them will die even when drowned in chlorine. Professional mold inspectors can identify your particular mold and recommend the most effective treatments.

The professional mold inspector can also provide ideas for how best to keep this insidious danger from easily returning. They can spot structural problems that aid in moisture infiltration and or the air stagnation that provides such environments for mold to flourish. Many times a professional inspection on a home the owner thought safe will still turn up potentially deadly molds and fungi inside walls or hidden in tight, dark spaces.

Treatment for your problem may be as simple and inexpensive as a chemical treatment or it may require the expense of remodeling or replacing structural components to shield against a return of the infestation. As with many things where your very health is at risk, it is always better to be safe than sorry. A simple mold inspection can put you quickly back on the road to safety and recovery.