Making Your Bathroom Beautiful

Making Your Bathroom BeautifulMaking Your Bathroom Beautiful

Regardless of whether you are building a new house or just remodeling your old home, you should take the opportunity to make sure your bathroom is a beautiful and modern space. Rather than ignoring this part of the house or settling for mere functionality, you can make it an intimate spot to celebrate your personal style.

What makes a beautiful bathroom is a serious matter of personal taste. While some like the utilitarian look, others will be drawn to sleek, modern designs. Some will want lots of glass, chrome, and tile; others will be happiest with traditional wood grains.

No matter what the final cosmetic look will be, there are certain basics that must be determined from the start. You will need to draw up a floor plan complete with measurements of all fixtures and closet spaces. You will have to include enough space around these things for a person to actually move around.

While most people constructing a new home will leave plenty of space for a roomy bathroom, some plans leave little extra beyond the basics. The smaller spaces offer a greater challenge to make extraordinary, but some creative thought can make that small bathroom shine.

Color is always important. It affects our mood and it can give us a sense of space. Lighter, more neutral colors are perceived as giving the illusion of more space whereas dark colors draw it in to a more intimate area. Dark trim items around lighter colors also give a pleasing contrast without diminishing the apparent space.

Choose your fixtures carefully. Since you should carry the same motif throughout the bathroom from sink, to toilet, to shower, be sure you are happy with the function of all the pieces. A mix and match group of fixtures give an unbalanced, amateurish look.

The bathtub or shower can easily be made to take center stage and be a focal point for the entire bathroom. Choose your tub to match your decor. A traditional claw foot tub can fit a conservative style. Modern tub and back-splash wall tubs are more modern looking. If the space is too small, the shower stall can be used to enhance the room whether with colorful curtains or chrome and glass sliding door sections. While a beautiful bathroom floor can be a valuable design feature, you want to make sure it is of a material and surface that minimizes potential slip and fall accidents with standing water or condensation.