Five Must-Have Appliances For Your Kitchen

Five Must-Have Appliances For Your KitchenFive Must-Have Appliances For Your Kitchen

With as much time as we who like to cook spend preparing our meals, it is no surprise that the small appliances in our kitchens play a very big role. Home cooking is very enjoyable and the modern technology we have makes our journey to fine dining much easier. While you can find hundreds of useful gadgets that do a thousand tricks, there are a few that are essential to the modern American kitchen.

Toaster Oven

These small counter-top ovens can do a lot more than crisp bread. For much less power consumption and much less heat produced, they can bake and broil many smaller items without having to fire up your full-sized stove oven. More complex toaster ovens can even provide convection cooking for more items and a more controlled heat.


Liquefied foods have become quite popular. Smoothies and juices are all produced in a blender. With the right types of blades you can fix a wide variety of healthy drinks. It is best to investigate the correct types of blades that will allow the maximum of circulation for your produce. A strong motor that can handle crushing ice or frozen foods will be much better than a simple, cheap blender.


Rather than just a hand-held mixer, the modern kitchen needs a good stand mixer. This gives the stability to work with heavy materials like bread and cake dough. The sturdy stand mixers also provide variable speed settings so as to adjust to whatever you are mixing and accommodate different sized mixing bowls.

Food Processor

This is probably the most versatile and important small appliance in a modern kitchen. It can slice, dice, or grate almost anything you want to prepare. They come with many styles of attachments for a plethora of jobs. Since it will be a well-used machine, you should always research to find the most durable machine available with a strong motor and strong, durable blades.

Coffee Grinder

Waking up to a good cup of coffee is an American tradition for many people. With the industry-wide practice of adding filler to ground coffee you will need to get whole beans to assure you are drinking only coffee and not dirt or bark.
A good coffee grinder is necessary to grind the whole beans. While it may seem like a bit of bother, you will be rewarded with a much fresher and tastier cup of coffee than you may have otherwise experienced in years.

This article was written by James, who also writes for the 2016 best juicers reviews blog.