Choosing the Right Garage Door for Your Home

Garage Door

Replacing the garage doors in your house is a big decision. The garage door is the largest single feature on your home’s exterior and will always be a major component of the overall look. A new garage door can add to the security of your home. It can be used to make a statement about you, or it can be replaced to increase the resell value of the residence.

The material you want your garage door made of may determine the style or extra features it will contain. Steel garage doors offer the most strength and durability. Steel garage doors are easier to insulate for energy conservation. While wooden garage doors may give a more traditional look, they require much more and more frequent maintenance. They require repainting or re-staining regularly to maintain their look.

While aluminum doors are less expensive to install, they are less energy efficient and can cost more over the long run through greater heat loss. Also, being less sturdy, they are more easily damaged and likely to need replacing.

How you want your garage door to open will also be a factor in your decision. Most roll-up doors are aluminum. The type of motor used to retract it will affect the final cost. Those that cantilever can be wooden or even steel and the extra cost of these materials will offset buying the electronics for a roll-up, but you have to manually open these doors rather than have an automatic switch.

Traditionally, the garage doors are colored to match the trim on your house. Alternatively, some people will try to match the front door color with the garage door color. This will also work provided you do not make it a garish color. Remember, the garage door is large and will be a prominent feature of your home’s appearance.

To style up the garage door a bit, windows are nice for appearance as well as letting extra light into the garage. You will want to install frosted glass in them for security reasons. You do not want  a potential thief to see just how much valuable stuff you have stored in your garage.

Many garage door manufacturers have applications on their sites that allow you to upload a picture of your house and manipulate various options to see what it would look like. These applications are extremely useful for helping decide how to utilize your garage doors to make the most of your house’s appearance.