What Commercial Doors are Made Of

What Commercial Doors are Made Of

There really is a difference between commercial doors and residential doors. To begin with, a commercial door must be much more durable since it is expected to have a great deal more use than something only your family might use. Although different businesses, factories, schools, and institutions use many unique and specialized designs, they all do tend to be constructed of a very few common materials.

Outside doors usually get the roughest treatment and a common material for them is steel. With factories, warehouses, and the behind the scenes sections of hospitals and other institutions requiring an extra level of security, steel is the perfect option for door material. While not as inexpensive as some materials, it more than earns its extra cost with extra performance.

A common mixture of materials in retail businesses is the aluminum/glass combination. The aluminum frames provide the strength to withstand constant use and the glass provides a more elegant appearance than a solid opaque door. These doors are every low-maintenance, usually requiring only a good wash to make them shine again. These aluminum/glass combination doors are designed for utility and an ubiquitous profile that ads a touch of familiarity to daily life. While all-glass doors provide more aesthetic appeal, they are not as secure and can be dangerous if shattered despite being constructed of safety glass.

Another durable option which works quite well in most schoolhouse environments is the fiberglass door. While being very durable it is also somewhat expensive. The greatest advantage is that they are very long-lasting, often lasting longer than steel doors. On the down side, they are not much to look at.

Wood is most commonly used for interior doors since they can be damaged by temperature and moisture. Wooden doors have a tradition of being used in offices for the elegant appearance of the color and grain. Wooden doors are also combined with glass to create the vintage office look. With solid bottoms and frame, the glass top half offers visibility and class, especially along hallways.

Price varies as not all wooden doors are solid wood. Cheaper wooden doors are made by wrapping veneer around a central core of particle board and slats. Some have foam or mineral interiors to help absorb sound and help cut down on noise from the other side.

Determining what type of door to use in a commercial structure requires balancing the factors of durability, safety, and aesthetics with cost.

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Considering the Best Style Roof for Your Home

Considering the Best Style Roof for Your Home

Just as choosing the right hat makes a profound style statement, choosing the right roof for your house reflects greatly on your home. But, however much you want to customize the look and feel of your home’s roof, you must keep in mind the very important function a roof provides. As the primary protection of all that sits under it, seeking a professional contractor to provide the best possible structure is essential.

There are many roofing choices you can discuss with your roofing contractor. Price is always a consideration. Also needing discussion is the longevity of the roofing materials and the aesthetic appeal it will display so prominently. One rather lo-cost option is asphalt shingling. They come in a variety of colors and hues for customizing the look, but are easily damaged in extreme weather conditions.

Metal roofs are also relatively inexpensive, especially given that they can last over 50 years longer than most other roofing materials. The biggest drawback is that metal roofs offer little in aesthetic styling for your home.

If money is not a critical issue, then such things as pine shakes, old-world thatching, green, or environmentally friendly flat-roof vegetation styles are all intriguing possibilities to consider.

Once your decision is made, be doubly sure to investigate that your chosen roofing contractor is proficient at creating the style of roof you want. You should insist he furnish you with details and contact information to previous clients as proof of his ability to meet your roofing needs.

Your chosen contractor also needs to be willing to provide his bona fides as to the legitimacy of his business. He should prove he is managing all the necessary paperwork for code conformity and permits. Insist on written cost estimates and detailed lists of specialized material. A good contractor should also be expected to provide a reasonable length warranty on his work.

Also check to see what the insurance options are. Assure yourself of the substantiation of your project and the damage responsibilities. If your chosen style cannot be covered by your current insurance company, you may need to search out another that does or rethink the project completely.

By balancing out these three major considerations you should be able to safely feel your roofing investment was the best choice for the money spent. You should also find the finished roof to be a pleasing expression of your personal style as witnessed by your home.

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Garage Door

Choosing the Right Garage Door for Your Home

Replacing the garage doors in your house is a big decision. The garage door is the largest single feature on your home’s exterior and will always be a major component of the overall look. A new garage door can add to the security of your home. It can be used to make a statement about you, or it can be replaced to increase the resell value of the residence.

The material you want your garage door made of may determine the style or extra features it will contain. Steel garage doors offer the most strength and durability. Steel garage doors are easier to insulate for energy conservation. While wooden garage doors may give a more traditional look, they require much more and more frequent maintenance. They require repainting or re-staining regularly to maintain their look.

While aluminum doors are less expensive to install, they are less energy efficient and can cost more over the long run through greater heat loss. Also, being less sturdy, they are more easily damaged and likely to need replacing.

How you want your garage door to open will also be a factor in your decision. Most roll-up doors are aluminum. The type of motor used to retract it will affect the final cost. Those that cantilever can be wooden or even steel and the extra cost of these materials will offset buying the electronics for a roll-up, but you have to manually open these doors rather than have an automatic switch.

Traditionally, the garage doors are colored to match the trim on your house. Alternatively, some people will try to match the front door color with the garage door color. This will also work provided you do not make it a garish color. Remember, the garage door is large and will be a prominent feature of your home’s appearance.

To style up the garage door a bit, windows are nice for appearance as well as letting extra light into the garage. You will want to install frosted glass in them for security reasons. You do not want  a potential thief to see just how much valuable stuff you have stored in your garage.

Many garage door manufacturers have applications on their sites that allow you to upload a picture of your house and manipulate various options to see what it would look like. These applications are extremely useful for helping decide how to utilize your garage doors to make the most of your house’s appearance.

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Choices for Picking a New Patio Door

Choices for Picking a New Patio Door

There are a number of reasons you might wish to replace your patio doors. It could be as simple as the old ones have worn out or were damaged. You may be trying to make your home more energy efficient. Or it could be you simply want to develop a new look for your home. Now it is time to explore the many customizable features for your new patio doors.

Usually a patio door leads to a more private part of your home’s environment and therefor usually has a lot of glass to provide both light for the interior and a view of the outside environment. With glass being a very important part of the overall door aesthetic, choosing the right glass is essential. You may want the full-glass door for maximum exposure or decide to go with a multi-pane style that incorporated the frame into the design.

Normally a specific window design for the house will be carried over into the doors to provide uniformity. If you live in an area where a home owner’s association requires consistency, you will be limited in the amount of customization you can do to your patio doors. However if the choice is all yours, a classic design or the popular diamond-shaped glass panes can sometimes make the patio stand out as a special part of the grand design.

For adequate energy conservation practices and the maximum in cost savings, unplasticized polyvinyl chloride (uPVC) is available in a wide range of colors and textures. uPVC can even be obtained in wood-grain patterns for a traditional look that incorporates modern cost and energy efficiency. It can be molded to include any number of glass or Plexiglas pane shapes and styles. While not the most energy efficient, it is rugged enough for most average wear and is inexpensive enough to replace if damaged by weather or accidents.

If your home improvement budget does not require economizing to a severe degree double-glazed glass and higher priced frame components may offer a better fit and energy rating. Even aluminum, wood, or steel frames provide great energy efficiency between the interior and exterior of your home. Wrought iron and glass can lend an elegant look to you patio that can be utilized to enhanse the decor by matching your patio furniture to the surrounding building components. It is the home owner’s option as to how much he is willing to spend on the patio door.

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