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Ways To Maximize A Small Bathroom

Ways To Maximize A Small Bathroom

A bathroom is more than just a place to take care of personal hygiene. While it is a place to take care of very personal needs, the way it looks is also a reflection on your sense of style. Your small bathroom can easily be renovated to increase functionality, storage space, and the overall aesthetic appeal. If your small bathroom is a dark and gloomy place, a new look can brighten up the whole process of personal hygiene.


A mirror is an essential aspect of every bathroom. The addition of a large wall mirror not only takes up no floor space but will give a feeling of larger space. The light reflected back can make the entire room brighter. Mirror-fronted bathroom cabinets also help with this effect.

Color Coordination

Color places a very large role in setting the overall mood and style of a small bathroom. Since you are trying to make a small space appear larger, light colors will do best. Lean toward neutral, soft tones and match towels and accessories with complimentary colors.


With very little space to work with, design must include functionality. Rather than enclose the area under a sink, try to fit a stool with small shelves or drawers under it. If you must put wall shelves up to store towels and wash clothes, put them above the toilet so as to not protrude into the head room for standing elsewhere. Id you can put in a free standing shelf in an otherwise empty corner, it would help with the airy motif by making it a wire frame shelf instead of a solid like wood or metal.


You will need to find the right lighting for your small bathroom space. It must be bright enough that you have no problem seeing to do the things a bathroom is for, be it shaving or brushing your teeth. The lights should leave no part of this small space in shadow so that the room is bright and open.


If your small bathroom is against an outer wall, you may want to research the possibility of adding a window from Brookline roofers. This feature, while being a major home improvement project, can eliminate that “closed in” feeling that a small bathroom might otherwise have despite the light colors and bright lighting. Be sure to use well-frosted glass for privacy while letting in an abundance of natural light during the day.

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Making Your Appliances Last Longer

Making Your Appliances Last Longer

Regardless of the appliance you bought, you expect that it will last a long time and provide you good service for your investment. Like any machine, a home appliance needs to be checked from time to time and maintenance or service repairs made. There are a few guidelines to follow that will increase the life and usefulness of your home appliances.


One of the most important refrigerator maintenances is to care for the gasket on the inside of the door that seals off the airflow between the inside and outside atmosphere. Using soapy water and a non-abrasive scrubber, wash any spills or food reside off the rubber. This will help keep it flexible for longer and provide the tightest seal possible. A hand-held vacuum cleaner can be used to clean the coils on your refrigerator. The slow accumulation of dust and dirt will eventually slow down the airflow around them costing you more electricity for less efficiency. It will also cause the motor to work harder and bur out faster.


Again, it is critical to keep the gasket around the door clean and elastic. The occasional running of the washer with a soap and water mixture to keep the inside clean will help prevent built up residue from diminishing the cleanliness of your dishes. Be extra careful of the plastic or vinyl coating on the racks inside.

Washing Machine

Never overload your washing machine. Extra heavy loads put more strain on the motor than it is designed to handle. Overfull loads also tend to throw the machine off-balance. The vibrations caused by unbalanced loads puts undo stress on the motor, the transmission, and the belts that provide the agitating motion. If the unbalance becomes too great it can even snap belts in the machine or throw the workings out of sync and ruin the machine.

Clothes Dryer

As with your washer, an overload in the dryer will cut down on the efficiency of the machine while putting extra stresses on the mechanical workings. Clean the lint trap after every load. By the time it is built up to the point of pulling the lint off the screen in a solid sheet, you will have stressed your machine and diminished it’s effectiveness while shortening the lifespan of the appliance.

Any actions you can take to make your appliances work better with less stress and strain will save you money in electricity and longer time before replacement is needed.

This article was written by James, who also writes for his blog at

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Five Must-Have Appliances For Your Kitchen

Five Must-Have Appliances For Your Kitchen

With as much time as we who like to cook spend preparing our meals, it is no surprise that the small appliances in our kitchens play a very big role. Home cooking is very enjoyable and the modern technology we have makes our journey to fine dining much easier. While you can find hundreds of useful gadgets that do a thousand tricks, there are a few that are essential to the modern American kitchen.

Toaster Oven

These small counter-top ovens can do a lot more than crisp bread. For much less power consumption and much less heat produced, they can bake and broil many smaller items without having to fire up your full-sized stove oven. More complex toaster ovens can even provide convection cooking for more items and a more controlled heat.


Liquefied foods have become quite popular. Smoothies and juices are all produced in a blender. With the right types of blades you can fix a wide variety of healthy drinks. It is best to investigate the correct types of blades that will allow the maximum of circulation for your produce. A strong motor that can handle crushing ice or frozen foods will be much better than a simple, cheap blender.


Rather than just a hand-held mixer, the modern kitchen needs a good stand mixer. This gives the stability to work with heavy materials like bread and cake dough. The sturdy stand mixers also provide variable speed settings so as to adjust to whatever you are mixing and accommodate different sized mixing bowls.

Food Processor

This is probably the most versatile and important small appliance in a modern kitchen. It can slice, dice, or grate almost anything you want to prepare. They come with many styles of attachments for a plethora of jobs. Since it will be a well-used machine, you should always research to find the most durable machine available with a strong motor and strong, durable blades.

Coffee Grinder

Waking up to a good cup of coffee is an American tradition for many people. With the industry-wide practice of adding filler to ground coffee you will need to get whole beans to assure you are drinking only coffee and not dirt or bark.
A good coffee grinder is necessary to grind the whole beans. While it may seem like a bit of bother, you will be rewarded with a much fresher and tastier cup of coffee than you may have otherwise experienced in years.

This article was written by James, who also writes for the 2016 best juicers reviews blog.

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The Most Important Roofing Repairs

The Most Important Roofing Repairs

While a new roof structure may last anywhere from twenty to thirty years before needing to be replaced, it is not maintenance-free and requires occasional repair work. There are five basic repairs which will be needed at some point no matter how well-constructed your original roof was.


The shingles that make up the outer surface of the roof bear the direct attack of weather and the damage it causes. Despite hail, rain, high winds, snow, and ice, the shingles on your roof must be rugged enough to withstand it all while maintaining their integrity over the years. Regardless of the quality of a shingle, repairs must be occasionally made to replace broken sections. Usually it works out to be less costly to replace the entire roof covering if more than one third of the shingles have been damaged.

Leak Repair

The hardest part of fixing a leaky roof is finding the place where the water is entering. It can be difficult for even a professional contractor to hunt them down. It can also be very expensive to fix a leak. It may involve tearing out a section of the roof structure or even part of a wall. Time is critical since the situation can only get worse and the longer the leak exists the greater the possibility of further damage by rot or mold.


Even without leaks, moisture can attack your roof from within. With heat and humidity, moisture can be trapped under your roof and create conditions ripe for mold. Excess humidity can also make the wood swell and buckle at the joints. Adding ventilation points can help improve air flow and structural health to your home.


The most common area of leakage tends to center around the flashing at the chimney, vent ports, and joints between roof sections. While re-flashing your roof can be time consuming and expensive, this critical part of water protection, when done right, can then last for decades with no further problems.


The greatest damage to your gutters is caused by leaves, dirt, and other debris building up in the gutters and not being cleaned out. This material can get very heavy on it’s own. Rain will weigh it down more as it is soaked up into the detritus. The guttering can bend, warp, or even pull loose completely. A full gutter cannot direct water away from your walls as well and can expose them to more direct water flow.

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